Local Mission Discovery Tour ~ Saturday, October 18, 2014


This 5 hour tour will take you on a tour of all the local missions sites of New Path, Fort McKinley and the Point Church. Five hours for five bucks, you can beat this deal.

If you’re thinking of serving in local missions of New Path, Fort McKinley or the Point campuses, you won’t want to miss this exclusive once in a life time staff hosted bus tour! It is your time to ask questions and speak with ministry leaders. Due to limited seating reservations are required and cost only $5 and includes lunch. This exclusive 5 hour tour will help you see and discover where God is calling you!

  • Discover the visions of Pastor Rosario Picardo for the many mission opportunities at the Point campus.
  • Discover the ongoing missions in the many Fort McKinley neighborhood locations.
  • Discover the seven unique missions in Miami County as we explore the many mission sites of New Path.

The tour begins with a light breakfast and a word from Pastor Roz at The Point Church at 9 am.

Remember seats are limited so be sure to register now!

You won’t want to miss this inside look into over 10 mission sites!

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Time to recommit! Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards Registration Instructions

If you shop Kroger and have a Kroger’s Plus Card if you link it to Kroger Community Rewards ( see the instruction link above) you can raise money for New Path every time you shop. Even if you don’t shop a lot- all the pennies add up! Share this with your friends, Each year after April 1st did you know you have to recommit your Kroger Community Rewards? Please go on Kroger.com and sign-up again. Last year we raised over $8,000 because people like you signed up to help us. You shop to provide food for your pantry at home and Kroger donates to ours!

If you are a supporter who is experiencing issues with your online Kroger account please contact our dedicated online support team at 1-866-221-4141.
If you have forgotten your email address, need to update their Kroger Plus Card information or change your alternate I.D. (the phone number used at the store) please contact our loyalty department at 1-800-576-4377, option 4, then option 3 to update.

If you do not see the Community Rewards message at the bottom of the receipt, please contact us at 1-800-294-4438 option #2. We will contact the appropriate personnel to have the problem corrected. Supporters may also call us for previous cycle donation amounts or to double check that they are enrolled.
We appreciate your hard work and dedication in making the Kroger Community Rewards Program a successful fundraising program for your organization. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-294-4438 option #2.

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Neighbors helping Neighbors ~ New Path

Fort McKinley Homes Project 2January 14, 2013 (Dayton, Ohio) – The Fort McKinley neighborhood in Harrison Township, Montgomery, Ohio is the recipient of more than $3 million of federal stimulus money through the NeighborhoodStabilization Program (NSP). Harrison Township neighbors can see how that money is working to improve their neighborhood on Monday, January 14 at 1pm during a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of several of the 25 Energy Star Homes that will be officially available.

Federal stimulus money is awarded to locations around the United States that have the best chance of success. Obtaining the NSP funds was no easy task for the Fort McKinley Homes Program and took the cooperation of TEN partners, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, Montgomery County, COUNTY CORP, Oberer Residential Construction, Ltd., The Oberer Thompson Company, Ginghamsburg Church/The New Path, Inc., Harrison Township and KeyBank.

Greg Smith with Oberer Land Developers, Ltd. explained why this unusual partnership was successful. Smith explained, “There is fierce competition for stimulus dollars, and our group had already applied and been denied twice for federal grant funding. It was only when we partnered with the Fort McKinley Campus of Ginghamsburg Church and The New Path, Inc. that we were awarded NSP funds. Ginghamsburg brought a connection with the neighborhood and its residents while New Path brought a holistic approach to urban renewal. Combining the high quality of these homes with the support and stability factors made a strong case for the Fort McKinley Homes Program.”

Each home has at least 1,619 square feet. Six are 4-bedroom ADA compliant homes with 2-car attached garages and the remaining 19 include a full basement and 1-car attached garage. All homes meet the Energy Star rating requirements and have received certification from the Enterprise Green Communities Program and are expected to be completed by April 2013.

The families selected for the Fort McKinley Homes Project will pay rent structured to be affordable to households earning 50% of the area median income and will start out at less than $600 per month; any increases will be restricted based on increases to area median income. Families rent for 15 years and in year 15 have the option to purchase the home at a reduced acquisition price determined by HomeStart, which will be affordable to that resident to acquire (as required by OHFA Lease-Purchase Program requirements).

Fort McKinley Homes Project participants will be supported through Jobs for Life, as well as have access to year-round GED programs. A program called Heavenly Housekeeping will help the new tenants get a handle on organization and upkeep of their new properties. All of the programs are located at the Fort McKinley Campus of Ginghamsburg Church. New Path Executive Director Marcia Florkey explained why New Path and Ginghamsburg Church became involved. “Our goal as a part of the Fort McKinley neighborhood is to make it one of the best neighborhoods in Montgomery County—a place where families grow together and support each other in a safe and healthy community. The partnership with COUNTY CORP, Harrison Township and Oberer is a natural fit with our common goal and great teamwork,” said Florkey.

Cheundra Cooley is excited to begin her new life with the Fort McKinley Homes Program. Ms. Cooley shared, “This is such an amazing program. I feel truly blessed to have qualified for a Fort McKinley home.” Those interested in being added to the waiting list may contact Oberer Property Management at 937-226-1415 or . Those contacted from the waiting list are asked to complete an application with several screening components.

Each Energy Star Certified home comes with a stove, refrigerator, disposal, microwave and dishwasher.

Funding Sources & Amounts
Funding Source Amount
Ohio Housing Finance Agency – Neighborhood Stabilization Funds (NSP) $2,000,000
Montgomery County – Neighborhood Stabilization Funds (NSP) $1,440,000
Ohio Equity Fund (Federal Tax Credits) $1,388,019
Key Bank $350,000 Permanent Loan
Construction Loan $1,096,559
Deferred developer fee $190,337
Total Project Cost +$5 million
*Harrison Township and Montgomery County also provides 10-year property tax abatement.
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Jobs For Life

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